Meet the Doctors:

Dr. George Shapiro

Dr. George Shapiro

Dr Shapiro has been a practicing physician for 25 years with board certifications in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease and Age Management Medicine. He completed his training and spent his early career at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City focusing on Cardiovascular Disease Management including Congestive Heart Failure and Heart Transplantation.

Always challenged by the need to innovate medicine, Dr. Shapiro has patented medical devices as well as explored and innovated new medical protocols. This led him to a career in Age Management Medicine focusing on the prevention of heart disease and stroke including cardiovascular genomics, metabolomics, microbiomics, regenerative medicine and improving human longevity.

Dr Shapiro is active in 13 Medical Societies and is on the panel for the Age Management Medicine Group. He serves his Local, Regional and National community as an Emergency Responder and he’s ​on the Board of Directors for Orion Children International (OCI), a not-for-profit organization established to empower orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) through early intervention.

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